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'Who are you knave? A mercenary riding for Argos, answered Conan. What matters names? You are riding in the wrong direction for a Free Companion, grunted Valbroso. Southward the fighting is good and also the plundering. Join my Company. You won't go hungry. The road remains bare of fat merchants to strip, but i mean to take my rogues and fare southwards to sell my sword to whichever side seems strongest.'

The Free Companions were referenced in the original Howard lore as a mercenary brotherhood, respected across entire known Hyborian world for their martial skills and loyalty toward employer. Among our ranks one can find members of all peoples and races of Hyboria doing their job as soldiers, scouts, combat healers and sorcerers. We are tending to be lore based light RP/endgame PvE/siege PvP guild with mercenary theme but also with strong social involvement with other RP guilds. We're also maintaining strong sense of camaraderie and mutual trust between all of our members. Most of our members are mature and expirienced players and we help all newcomers to get a firm grip on every aspect of the game and have a lots of fun.

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